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It's inexplicable, incomprehensible, unimaginable, it's Paranormal!There are fascinating stories that take us to the limit of rationality, into the unexplainable, the disturbing. Popular culture is full of stories about these unsolved yet authentic mysteries that intrigue us all by their extraordinary dimension: the Bermuda Triangle, the Yeti, the Loch Ness monster, the curse of Tutankhamen, the statues of Easter Island, unexplained disappearances and so many other cases that sometimes seem irrational. "Paranormal, True Stories" tells you all these incredible stories, taking care to decipher the different theories on each of these cases. In this podcast, we also provide the latest scientific and historical advances that allow us to form an opinion on these different true stories that seemed inexplicable for a long time, and that for some will remain so.
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Suspicious Deaths in Dyatlov Pass
Suspicious Deaths in Dyatlov Pass (12:06)
The Urals, the great mountain range separating Europe from Asia, has many charms for those who wish to practice mountaineering. There is no lack of mountains and passes to challenge the courage of hikers who dare to face it. In winter, the harshness of its climate makes it an inhospitable region, almost a desert. However, there are many candidates for the ascent. But one day in February 1959, a group of hikers died there in circumstances so tragic that they suggest that strange activities were taking place. For what is it that can terrorize a group of dynamic and trained hikers in the middle of the night? Why leave the safe shelter of a tent and go into the snow? Why did the bodies bear atrocious wounds? How were they irradiated? What happened at the place that today bears the name of the expedition leader, the Dyatlov Pass ?
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The Roswell Incident
The Roswell Incident (16:44)
July 3, 1947. The summer sky over New Mexico in the southwestern United States is stormy. Numerous flashes of lightning streak through the night and thunder rumbles. In the early morning, Mac Brazel discovers many metal debris strewn on the ground of his ranch of Corona. Unable to identify them and understand their origin, he shows them to his neighbors, the Proctors. They can't identify them either. By mutual agreement, they decide to show them to Sheriff George Wilcox. Just as intrigued, the latter alerted the Roswell military base, which sent two soldiers to examine them: Major Jesse Marcel and Captain Sheridan Cavitt. On July 7, 1947, they themselves recovered more debris and brought it back to the base.Colonel Blanchard, commander of the Roswell military base, had a security cordon put around the area covered with debris. The debris was picked up by the army, transported to Roswell and then to the Forth Worth base in Texas for examination...
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The Strange Nazca Lines
The Strange Nazca Lines (12:28)
It is by flying over the high plateaus of Peru that one can best discover an archaeological treasure traced on the ground and classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO: the Nazca geoglyphs. These gigantic drawings represent animals, geometric or humanoid figures. What do they mean?Why did the Nazcas draw these extraordinary designs, some of them a kilometer high? How did they do it since they had no way to get up in the air to see them in full? When the Nazcas were a prosperous people, why did they abandon their plateaus, leaving behind their drawings and burying their pyramids? Why does a civilization die out ?
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The Demons of Anneliese Michel
The Demons of Anneliese Michel (18:08)
In the past, one had to deal with the Devil several times in one's life, he could even be omnipresent. He tempted poor sinners, sowed disorder and disease. Rationalism has been able to overcome many diabolical manifestations and today Lucifer and his henchmen are rare. However, in the twentieth century, questions were asked about the true nature of certain events. In our modern society, is there still a place for Satan? Can we find scientific or medical explanations for behaviour that everyone agrees is demonic? In the 1970s, one case hit the headlines. It is that of Anneliese Michel who still disturbs anyone who hears her voice recorded during the numerous exorcisms she underwent. Is it the Devil who speaks to us through this young girl ?
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The Thirteen Crystal Skulls
The Thirteen Crystal Skulls (13:54)
Since the Europeans first set foot on American soil, they have not stopped plundering this continent. Latin America and its riches have crossed the Atlantic for the pleasure of a few powerful people: the land, the mines, the forests, the animals, the men are either exploited on the spot or brought back to Europe. In the 19th century, a new kind of theft appeared. Collectors and museums are fond of pre-Columbian art. All the more so if it is surrounded by a mysterious legend from ancient times. Whether they wear the clothes of an archaeologist or an adventurer, many are those who criss-cross the continent in search of treasures that they will sell in Europe. Europe wants Inca vases, Aztec jewellery and crystal skulls? Well, it will have them, with a legend on top.
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The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle (13:16)
It is said that European ships disappeared in the Sargasso Sea as early as the 16th century... Christopher Columbus' caravels themselves encountered difficulties there. The islands, although paradisiacal, did not have a good reputation among the first Europeans who attempted the American adventure. They named the island of Bermuda the Devil's Island.Even today, strange stories are told about this area where boats have an unfortunate tendency to disappear. Planes too. What happens to them? What is happening in this area, which is still considered dangerous for aviation and shipping? Could aliens have something to do with it? Are all these unexplained disappearances legends, sensational stories to sell newspapers? A government conspiracy? But then, where are the missing sailors ?
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The Beast of Gévaudan
The Beast of Gévaudan (19:40)
The north of the Languedoc is a region of ancient massifs covered with forests. In the second half of the XVIIIth century, cattle breeding was practiced. Life was very hard and the population was poor, even miserable. It is the children who guard the herds. They prevent them from straying and being eaten by wolves. In these mountains, wolves are part of everyday life. But they are frightening even if the villagers know how to defend themselves against these predators who fear men, even fleeing them unless they are enraged.
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The Cecil Hotel
The Cecil Hotel (10:15)
On the morning of February 19, 2013, at 640 Main Street in Los Angeles, several guests at the Cecil Hotel complain about the awful taste of the water coming out of the faucets. A maintenance employee, sent immediately to the bathrooms, can only confirm: you wouldn't dip the tiniest toe in that murky water. He climbed to the roof to check the tanks and discovered a young woman in one of them, lifeless. Naked, she floats on the surface while her clothes have sunk to the bottom of the tank. Her body shows no after-effects, no trace of aggression. At this point, any maintenance worker would have come down from the roof screaming, but certainly not the one from the Cecil Hotel. This is not the man's first macabre discovery: he has seen horrors, green and black, inexplicable phenomena, all of which are waiting for him in the hotel's rooms. So, one more corpse, even perched in the water tank, will not prevent him from drinking his coffee at the next cigarette break...
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The Curse on Pont-Saint-Esprit
The Curse on Pont-Saint-Esprit (12:15)
The summer of 1951 began in the best possible way: in the aftermath of the Second World War, France was slowly recovering, rebuilding its cities and reviving agricultural production to solve the food shortage, all with a smile on their faces, convinced that the worst was in the rearview mirror. In the small town of Pont-Saint-Esprit in the Gard region, preparations are underway for the Assumption feast: long tables are laid, small dishes are prepared and famine is put aside for the evening. One forgets to watch out for the evil that lurks in the sleeping countryside and is about to strike...
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The Ghost of Castle Veauce
The Ghost of Castle Veauce (13:44)
During the 16th century, a strange legend was born in the castle of Veauce, in the department of Allier. One day, the local lord did a favor to one of his vassals by hiring his 13 year old daughter as a maid. As the years go by, Lucie, as her name is, grows up and becomes so beautiful that the lord falls under her spell, despite being married to a jealous wife. But he has no time to quarrel with Madame: his duties dictate that he must go to war with his neighboring rival. Now regent of the land, alone in her humble home, the chatelaine hastened to have Lucie locked up in the highest tower of the estate. Perched in her cell for months, the young maid eventually died of hunger and cold. It is said that every evening, when the clock strikes midnight, her ghost returns to wander the heights of the castle, waiting for the return of her beloved lord...
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Robert the Doll
Robert the Doll (12:05)
On the eve of his inauguration as the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush sends a letter to a certain Robert. He presents him his best wishes for the end of year celebrations, and thanks him in advance for not bringing bad luck to his mandate, or to the whole country he has to lead. The mail is sent to Florida, to Key West, in the mailbox of the Fort East Martello Museum. There, the envelope joins a thousand others on the wall of a glass cage in the heart of one of the main rooms. Inside is a doll, sitting on a small wooden chair: three apples high, a stuffed puppy on her lap, her head is dressed in a white cap and her straw body in a rag. Two black beads instead of eyes, hollowed out in the middle of a smooth and cold face, pierce you with their gaze if you dare to touch them. It is important to know that this doll, named Robert, carries with it a dark past: an old story, which inspired the Chucky doll in the cinema, which has been making the United States tremble for decades, even in the Oval Office of the White House...
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Rasputin (13:02)
During a starry night in January 1869, a meteor flies over a small village in the Siberian countryside. Legend has it that its passage heralds the birth of an exceptional being. Shortly after, Grigori Efimovitch Rasputin was born. To say that this little man with an enlightened look is exceptional is an understatement. Some will see in him a healer, a prophet, a charlatan, a pilgrim guided by faith, a beggar wallowing in debauchery, an emissary of God or the Devil... It doesn't matter what his contemporaries may think, because the story of this peasant's son, who became the one who whispers in the Tsar's ear, is already a miracle in itself.
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Suspicious Deaths in Dyatlov Pass